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the discipline

Technology Business Management is a discipline by which IT departments transform from reactive cost centers to innovative, cost-efficient internal businesses. Originally conceived by Apptio, TBM is now led by the nonprofit TBM Council. Significant annual IT cost savings and a strategic IT are among the benefits of the discipline.


the software

Founded in 2007 in Bellevue, Washington, Apptio leads the market in cloud software for TBM. Their platform centers on a powerful cost modeler, with applications for IT planning and billing. Apptio's dedication to helping IT organizations become trusted strategic partners has won hundreds of customers worldwide including 40% of the Fortune 100.

True Costing

the implementation

True Costing is the first consultancy to focus on advanced Apptio imple­men­tation and TBM adoption. Founded in 2018, the firm takes clients after they've configured a standard model and guides them in building specific solutions for exceptional results. Clients and consultants work together to drive TBM practices to the bottom-line.

Where are you
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Person having vision


As an IT leader, you know IT is capable of so much more. You envision being out front, fast to implement new technology that helps your company win in the marketplace. But first, you must get a handle on costs and control the endless demand for “free services.” Doing so will open up budget and earn credibility with the business. You've done your homework. TBM is the way to go. You purchase Apptio and dive in.

Person facing complexity


At first, implementation goes smoothly as the standard model takes shape. But soon you realize that results are limited without a solution tailored to your business. So customization begins, and what had been a configuration exercise feels increasingly like a software development project. The level of difficulty is frustrating. Too often your TBM build team takes one step forward and two back, while critical functionality waits.

Person showing perseverance


Gut check. Despite setbacks, you stay the course. A successful TBM program is essential to your IT transformation. Strategically, you decide to elevate your team with outside experts. Looking for the best fit, you bring in True Costing. The consultants help establish a context around the goals of program owners and stakeholders. Quickly the team understands what it's up against and begins making positive gains.

Person achieving results


The TBM team becomes more user-centric, delivering the right features at the right time. Granular, accurate information brings trust in the system. Apptio data usage increases with TBM adoption. Cost reductions exceed expectations as apps are retired, systems are consolidated and IT is simplified. Chargebacks are understood and embraced, moderating service demand. Innovation is in full swing.

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