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Cost Accounting

Cost accounting has long been a secret weapon of the best-run companies. Costing is not a change program but a basis for change programs. Organizations that find a way to understand their true costs of products, services and customers hold the key to optimizing performance and sustaining profitability. Today, costing is becoming a critical tool for internal shared service organizations like IT.

IT Financial Management

As IT departments grew in the 1980's, companies saw the critical need to control IT costs. Thus, the ITFM profession emerged, offering education on a range of IT financial practices. Today, with IT budgets running at a significant percentage of revenues, ITFM leads the way on topics from asset, vendor and personnel management to IT planning, chargeback and the internal economics of IT.

About Us

True Costing is a niche consulting firm specializing in implementation of Apptio and technology business management systems. The firm was started in 2018 by Edward Brown after he began working with the Apptio platform in 2010. True Costing gives clients access to the expertise they need to establish highly effective TBM programs.

Expertise for TBM Programs

Our Approach

We don't think small. It's not in our DNA. But achieving big goals requires serious capabilities, starting with the top TBM consultants and our leading pragmatic methodology. Projects run 40-60 days to keep your program agile. We take a business-first, not a technology-first, approach and work hands-on with your team to deliver quick wins and a solid long-term direction.

Pragmatic and Business-First

Value for Money

Chances are, your company’s IT spend is between $50 million and $5 billion annually. Standard optimization methods are okay but leave enormous value on the table. Don’t settle. Instead, aim for radical simplification of IT, which leads to the highest cost takeouts and redirection of funds to key innovations. Make it happen with a comparatively small investment in True Costing.

Highest Cost Takeouts


Edward Brown

Edward Brown
Principal Consultant

Doug Hicks

Doug Hicks
Cost Architect

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