TBM is Just Beginning

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It’s amazing what’s been accomplished recently with technology business management, and I think it’s just the beginning.

TBM is personal to me, as it is to anyone who works or has worked in IT. The idea of running IT in a way that can bring trust and credibility with the business is absolutely a game changer, for the better. TBM is what’s been needed since IT was born, but has had to wait patiently for its time.

What I love most about TBM is how mutually beneficial it is to the business, to consumers of IT services and to IT itself. Everybody wins, as they say. The biggest downside is that there can be some growing pains, some maturing pains. Implementing TBM can be difficult. But I think that’s true for any significant, worth-while change.

This blog is, for TBM practitioners, a chance to talk it out. Those responsible for implementation understand that there’s what’s planned and then there’s what happens in the field. With TBM Traveler, we can explore ideas and talk about practices that are working in the field and impacting our businesses.

Make it a less lonely road. Let’s travel together.