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TBM Services Framework

Agile TBM


Agile Marble


We work with your TBM build team to establish methods and systems for efficient development of high-value Apptio capabilities.


Become truly agile, not just in name. Dedicate yourselves to driving business value. Learn what your TBM users need. Avoid building the wrong thing. Respond to change. Draw ideas from Scrum, XP, Lean and Kanban to craft your TBM build methodology. Stop activities that don't add value. Practice effective design, build, test and release processes.

TBM Data


TBM Data Marble


We work with your TBM build team to develop a reliable and expandable Apptio data platform that supports advanced cost modeling, reporting and analytics.


Run your TBM data effort like a BI program. Nurture data providers. Source more, cleaner and wider data sets. Practice dimensional design. Leverage data mart techniques. Automate data loads. Master changes to taxonomies and hierarchies. Reduce lag between period end and system ready. Manage technical debt. Improve data security and governance.

TBM Cost Model


TBM Cost Model Marble


We work with your TBM finance and build teams to construct and simplify Apptio cost models so TBM stakeholders understand, trust and use the system.


Establish a cost model architecture. Avoid over-building models. Nail down and declare business rules. Introduce model governance. Practice design-first modeling. Make cause-based cost assignments. Weigh tradeoffs in costing methods. Explain models appropriately for different audiences. Build a reputation for accuracy and granularity.

TBM Analytics


TBM Analytics Marble


We work with your TBM users and build team to produce reports and visuals that enable TBM processes and collaborations.


Get reports and charts into the hands of users sooner and iterate faster. Drive development by translating business needs and analytic designs into system requirements. Create what-ifs for scenario analysis. Provide Tableau to users needing enhanced exploration and discovery. Craft presentations around analytics that educate and persuade.

TBM Adoption


TBM Adoption Marble


We work with your TBM stakeholders, users and build team to navigate organizational and technical challenges to achieve durable TBM adoption.


Form a cross-functional TBM adoption team. Clarify and communicate your vision. Optimize TBM business processes and lead organizational change. Align Apptio system development with program goals. Set up training and support systems for Apptio users. Track usage and remove barriers quickly. Foster the use of TBM insights to make decisions and take action.

How to Get Started

Step 1


A conversation gets the ball rolling. There's never a charge for conversations at this stage, so feel free to explore your options. We'd love to learn about where you are and where you want to go. You can get a feel for how we might approach your project and how we see some of your options going forward. Please submit this form or call us at (765) 553‑4028.

Step 2

Project Evaluation

A project evaluation is a paid service that allows us to get to know a new client, so we can write an informed proposal. We contact the necessary people on your team and assess your current systems to get a picture of your TBM program, the needs, opportunities and goals. Project evaluations are usually completed within two weeks and sometimes require an on-site visit. After receiving the proposal, you may hire us for a project, but in any case the designs and recommendations are yours to use as you like.

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